overview and principles

When professionals want to build influence and authority online or offline, they come to us.  We have a phenomenal reputation for working hard below the radar, to get our clients above their industry radar.


Being a principle led business our life and work is built around the twelve following pillars:



01. Identity is everything

Our inner identity matches our outer image as our reputation and brand depend on it.  

04. data driven

Numbers never lie – organisations that gather and interpret information properly are more likely to succeed. Marketing is always an experiment and we have the tight controls to monitor what works and what doesn’t…quickly.

07. learn by doing

We learn by our mistakes – we do more, we learn more. We are experimental and curious by design and learn from doing. 

10. keep it real

We recognise that what got us here, won’t get us to where we need to be. We keep things real and start afresh after every success.


Curiosity and creativity are inextricably interlinked. We explore the uncomfortable and are happy to be slightly vulnerable.

05. be brave

Bravery is a sign of good leadership. We therefore build in bravery to our work. Courage over comfort, bravery over fear, ‘done’ over perfection.

08. mandatory extra mile

Doing beyond what is expected is mandatory. Where we can add more value, we do!

11. build meaningful relationships

We build relationships with meaning and purpose & where we can add value to them. Relationship first and foremost..


Equality is at the core of our business, and it is our duty to call out prejudice and bigotry wherever we see it.

06. admit, fix and learn

We don’t get it right all the time. When we do get it wrong, admit it, fix the problem, and learn from it.

09. no integrity slippage

We say what we mean and do what we say, when we said we would do it and in the way we said we would do it.

12. plant trees whose shade we will never see

We add value and not just to those who are likely to repay it. We believe that building a legacy personal brand means serving a wider following.

who we are

The Team


Co - Founder & Strategy Lead

Gary is the UK’s #1 Human Branding Coach and the ‘go to guy’ for professionals and experts looking to build influence and authority in their niche.

He is a digital marketer, social media expert, podcast creator, producer and marketer with a pedigree in business to business.

He is the natural choice for lawyers and any other professional looking to build influence because as a qualified lawyer and with over 15 years experience in litigation, he is able to convert complex legalistic concepts into everyday language and marketing copy.

He is obsessed with start-ups and advises, coaches and mentors entrepreneurs via accelerators and works incredibly well with start up founders human branding.

Outside of work he is an active Father to both a young son and a teenage daughter. As if that doesn’t keep him busy enough, he enjoys art, music, theatre and cinema. Oh and he tells us a decent pint.


What We Do 


Gaining influence and authority makes business easier on every level whether its making more sales or even raising finance. We are experts at enabling our clients build influence and authority online. Through our programs we help our clients leverage their human brand, from the inside out. 


Audio & Audio Visual Podcasts are here to stay and are effective ways to build influence and authority. Whether you are looking to create your own or looking to speak on other channels as an expert, we can help you cut through the noise.. 

content marketing

Creating great content is imperative to building influence and authority. Our expert creative teams know what to produce and how to get it in front of an engaged audience using actionable metrics.

digital pr

We use PR to boost awareness, amplify your expertise and drive additional revenue opportunities. We build relationships with key industry influencers to ensure your message has pride of place.

social media marketing

Using our in-depth knowledge of social media we enable you to understand what your audience are thinking, saying and doing and ensure that your content gets the right engagement to build influence and authority. 

training & coaching

Sometimes you simply want to do things yourself – we can help you do by providing you with the necessary skills. We can provide training across all platforms, including podcasting and producing video.